LEGO Research Institute in stock at FAO Schwarz NYC

If you are looking for the limited edition, out of stock LEGO Research Institute, item: 21110, I found them today at the FAO Schwarz store in New York City. They appeared to have about 60 behind the lego counter and the sales associate said that was all that they had in stock currently, but that they were planning to order more.


Stacking Coupons for Clarins

There are currently two Clarins promotions that can be combined. At receive a gift valued at $105 with a $75 purchase using code OHLALA. And at Gilt City receive a discount of $30 with purchase of $75 or more. Pictured is what you will receive for free with a $75 order.


Additionally you will receive free shipping with a $75 order. And as with all orders be able to choose 3 deluxe samples at check out. 

PURCHASE: Choose over $105 in merchandise – $30 (Gilt City Promo) = $75
COST: $75+ (shipping is free)

$30 of free merchandise

Free gift included with order
Total Eye Concentrate Travel Size
Super Restorative Decollete and Neck Concentrate Travel Size
Super Restorative Replenishing Comfort Mask Travel Size
Gentle Foaming Cleanser Travel Size
Shaping Facial Lift Travel Size
Le Sac Pouch

Choice of 3 samples

VALUE: $210 + (not including value of samples)
Since you only spend $75, this is pretty good. Especially since you can choose whatever you would like with the $30.


Couponning Laura Mercier Beauty

Couponning for beauty products is my jam. I stack promo codes, gift with purchases, coupons, and special shopping events. It’s really tough being a mom. I like to buy little beauty treats for myself each month so that I can feel pampered and pretty. Sometimes I buy something I’ve been coveting, and other times I like to try something new. This month I am giving Laura Mercier cosmetics a try. I love lip sheers and there is a collection of 4 full size on sale for $19, plus a few deluxe samples with purchase. I feel this will be a great opportunity to try the brand. 

PURCHASE: luxe lipgloss collection
COST: $19 (with free shipping Labor Day promo)

Brown Sugar Stickgloss 0.12 oz (full size) value $24

Peony Stickgloss 0.12 oz (full size) value $24

Baby Lips Sheer Lip Colour 0.13 oz (full size) value $24

Courtisane Stickgloss 0.12 oz (full size) value $24

Free gift included with order
Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide – Ecru Sample 0.17 oz value $8.16, full size 1 oz for $48

Choice of 2 samples
Longwear Crème Eye Pencil – Violet Sample 0.2 oz value $12, full size 0.04 for $24 

Face Polish Sample 0.4 oz value $3.76, full size 3.4 oz for $32

VALUE: $119.92
It’s so hard to get to the store with a baby to try make-up. So I don’t mind spending $20 to sample something, and it’s really nice that the lippies are full size. 

Totes! I’m Totally Toting!

Here are a bunch of new things I’m toting around. I imagine that my life would be so pleasant if I could take my baby on picnics in the park and make cakes to bring on play dates (I made my first play date cake, a raspberry ombre cake this past weekend!). They mix and match well.


Oh Joy! Insulated Soft Cooler $12
My picnic basket is way too bulky to manage with the stroller but I can easily wear this cooler on my shoulder like a giant fruity purse.

Cake Boss “Cake” Carrier $39.99
There’s barely any time to make my cake and eat it too. So this weekend I baked a few cakes, wrapped them tightly in plastic, and stuck them in the freezer. When I have a play date, I will just add some whipped cream and fruit to the top.

Kate Spade Vita Riva Wicker Lemon $148

Oh Joy for FEED Diaper Bag $150
I spent two years looking for a diaper bag I liked and was so happy when this one came out! I hope Oh Joy! designs a cake carrier, that would be the ultimate cutest thing!


Couponning Nordstrom for Aveda, Dolce, La Mer, & Tom Ford Beauty

Since I’ve become a housewife, couponning for beauty products is my jam. It’s what I do to relax. I stack promo codes, gift with purchases, and special shopping events. I love deluxe samples because they are super adorable miniatures versions of the full size products.

It’s really tough being a mom. I like to buy little beauty treats for myself each month so that I can feel pampered and pretty. Sometimes I buy something I’ve been coveting, and other times I like to try something new. This month I spent $4.50 to sample some new things (value is based on sample weight and full size weight + price):


 Aveda ‘shampure™’ Shampoo
COST: $4.50

Gift w/ Purchase Aveda Botanical Hydrating Lotion 0.24 oz
 value $1.58, full size 5 oz $33

La Mer ‘The Lifting Contour’ Serum Sample 0.1 oz value $29, full size 1 oz $290
I have not yet tried La Mer because I always felt like it is something I would get when I am older. I am interested in the scent, texture, and compatibility with my skin.

Tom Ford Lip Color Sample in Casablanca 0.03 oz value $12, full size 0.12 oz $48
I love trying all lipsticks, glosses, balms, etc.! I also, love tiny versions of things, so cute!

Dolce&Gabbana Beauty ‘Dolce’ Eau de Parfum Spray Sample 0.06 oz value $3.38, full size 1.6 oz $90
I’m a sucker for packaging and I love the full size’s bottle. So I’m curious to see if I like the scent.

VALUE: $50.46
I feel like this was a very good value because I will actually get to try things that I might buy. I am a new mom, and I feel like everything about my skin has changed. I used to have oily skin, now it is dry. I’m on the hunt for moisturizing products, and little beauty treats to help me feel pretty while I’m loosing my baby weight. I wound up spending $4.50 total, so I won’t feel bad if I don’t like anything.

Bauer Bros Salvage


We’re renovating our Brooklyn brownstone so we decided to hit up some architectural salvage shops while in St. Paul Minnesota. First up, Bauer Bros Salvage.


Bauer Bros is everything I would hope a salvage shop would be, with 93,000 sq. ft. warehouse of items both old and new. Everything is well organized into categories, bath tubs, radiators, doors, molding, but we didn’t even make it around the whole facility.


There were some neat antiques.


And some truly specialized fixtures you could add as unique accents to your home. These boiler doors sit in front of genuine jail bars.


Fixing bathroom tiles


Time to fix some bathroom tiles with cutest crowbar.


I didn’t really use the tiny crowbar, I just scraped off the old grout, and filled the holes with caulk.


Then I adhered the tiles. I’ll be back next weekend to grout them.

Laduree Hello Kitty Stationary

Nothing says cutest hostess like Laduree’s Hello Kitty stationary. It’s fancy French meets cute Japanese. If only I had the HK liberty print fabric.

Glowing Mushrooms

Saturday was a gloomy day, and I was really in the mood for some felting. I decided to felt bioluminescent mushrooms. This is my third time felting and it’s taking a lot longer than I expected to finish.

Pretty Crappers


We’ve recently purchased a brownstone and were looking through antique architectural salvage for our renovation, when we stumbled upon fancy toilets.



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